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For those determined to make money even from a ... 'snake's mouth', one of the most profitable businesses is farming snakes for venom.

Farming Snakes for Venom!
Earn R250,000 / month by raising snakes for venom

1 gram of venom costs up to R25,000
1 gram of gold costs R600
A snake farm is more valuable than a gold mine!

Snake Farm
Dear friend,

If you're still looking for that special business that:

·         will quickly make you huge profits
·         requires not much effort
·         requires very little time
·         requires a minimal investment
·         And will allow you to achieve quick ROI ...

Then Farming Snakes for Venom is the suitable business for you!

Are you scared? You've got no reason to be! Contrary to the well-known myth that snakes can be extremely aggressive reptiles, scientists state that these types of animals are gentle, even shy creatures.

Raising snakes for venom! All you need to know about the snake farm business!

In order to build a successful business that involves selling snakes’ venom, we recommend that you do your own research. It’s important to know all the essential parts to establishing, developing and sustaining a snake farm.

Here's what you should know:

·         The type of work that you’ll be doing
·         The financial risks involved and other unexpected situations that may occur
·         The obstacles you may encounter along the way

From the start, you should know that only a few businesses can make huge profits, in such a short period of time - R250,000 / month – like the snake farm can!

And considering that:

·         the information on the Internet is unreliable
·         those who have already established a snake farm may never share with you their well kept business secrets (in fact, you are their future competitor!)
·         the documentation they can provide may cost  you a lot of money...
I got in touch with specialists, biologists, agronomists and economists and I made the ONLY CD guide dedicated to the Snake Farm business!

The Snake Farm business - where 1 gram of the final product – the venom – costs 40 times more than 1 gram of gold, will now reveal all its secrets to you!

Order your CD now! Develop the most profitable business with only R250.

Invest your first R250 wisely, to make huge profits! Our specialised information will help you avoid beginner's mistakes!

The Snake Farm CD, the only one on the market, offers you detailed, complete information on raising snakes, and then harvesting and selling their venom, for maximum profit.

Here's what you'll find on the CD:

Section I: Description of the snake farm business:

The specialised information has been brought to you by two agronomists, who specialise in snake farms. We are referring to the “technical” section, where you will find all you need to know about snakes: anatomy, ecosystem, reproductive behaviour, diet, etc. In this section you will find out more about the most common issues you will encounter when raising snakes in a farm for venom production (technology used, venom harvesting and preservation conditions, marketing strategies) and, most importantly, you'll be given valuable advice to ensure smooth operation of your snake farm business.

Section II: Business Plan

In this section we'll give you all the financial details. Here you will find information regarding the start-up, development, and management of your new Snake Farm business, as well as details regarding profitability - all provided by savvy business specialists. Take full advantage of this information! The experts will guide you along the way, preventing you from making serious financial mistakes.

Find answers to the following questions:

1. What is the estimated initial investment, depending on the size of your snake farm business?
2. What are the activities supported by these investments?
3. How much venom can you harvest?
4. How many mice do you need to feed the snakes?
5. How much does cost to harvest 1 gram of venom?
6. What is the estimated profit?
7. Which sort of businesses can you sign agreements and under what conditions?
8. How are the payments made?

...And so much more information!  Order your Snake Farm CD now!

Be one of the first to purchase the Snake Farm CD and you can start making money immediately! Now you'll have all the  necessary information at your finger tips to start your very own Snake Farm!

Section III: Legal requirements for starting a snake farm business

In this section you will find a checklist of requirements, including:

1. Snake breeding regulations.
2. Venom export regulations.
3. Authorisations required from the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Agriculture Veterinary Services

Order your Snake Farm CD now! Choose to start the most profitable business: harvesting venom in a snake farm!

You will learn how to increase venom production from 10 - 20 grams / year to 300 grams / year! That's R25,000 / gram x 300 grams = R7.5 million!

Do you fear the deadly snake bite?

Yes, it's true, snake venom can be deadly for humans. But it's good to know that the snake is a gentle, even shy animal, which tends to stay hidden most of the time. It only attacks when it feels threatened. Moreover, this guide describes in full detail all the precautions you should take to avoid dangerous situations.

We even offer advice on recommended manoeuvres and the required protective equipment when harvesting venom. We will even tell you what to do in case you get bitten by a venomous snake.

Are you afraid that you won't find potential customers?

You shouldn’t be!

Drug and cosmetics companies offer R18,000-R35,000 / gram of venom, depending on its purity!

Local producers sell 1 gram of venom for R12,000!

Your snake farm can produce venom for any cosmetic or pharmaceutical company abroad!

Annually, hundreds of gallons of venom are exported from Ukraine, Russia and Tajikistan, countries with the highest venom production in Europe.

Jeremiah Smith says:

“We have already been contacted by drug companies in Hungary, Germany and Italy, who want to sign contracts with us so that we can give them venom. Moreover, I have been contacted by people from within the country who are interested in my business and I’m still receiving new offers”.

“The agreement with Switzerland has been concluded for one year, with the possibility of extension, and my farm is to deliver ten grams of venom monthly.”

Order your snake farm CD now and start one of the most profitable businesses of 2013! You can get an income of R250,000 / month! Hurry up! Others have already purchased it!

Snake Farm CD – take advantage of this information!

 Order your Snake Farm guide now. The Snake Farm CD opens the door to easy profit! All for just R250!


Your business can be the perfect home for snakes!

The Snake Farm CD is a unique guide on the market, because it provides:
Leave your worries behind and start your own snake farm business.

YES! I want my own
Snake Farm

What you should remember:

1. For starters, you should purchase 100 snakes, at R3,500 / snake. The remaining money will be spent on food (60 mice), location, harvesting and bottling the venom, on a laboratory establishment and on staff, if necessary.

2. Venom production is 1.5 grams / year / snake X 100 snakes = 150 grams / year

3. 1 gram of venom can cost up to R25,000, which means an annual income of R3.5 million or a monthly income of R300,000 

4. You get a return on your investment in 1 month! If you substract expenses amounted to R175 / gram of venom X 150 grams = R26,250 / year, i.e. R2,000 / month and the initial investment of R60,000 in the first month, you get ...

5. R250,000 PROFIT in the first month!

6. This business is the only one that requires only 4 days of work / month:
• 2-3 hours / day x 2 days / month for feeding and taking care of the snakes
• 2 days / month for harvesting and packaging venom
• the remaining time can be used for documentation and marketing purposes, and to develop your business even further.

7. “It’s worth the effort, even if I only get R9,000-R12,000 for a gram of venom,” says Jeremiah Smith, a snake farm owner and local producer of venom.

The Snake Farm CD is the only guide which helps you make a PROFIT of R250,000 / month!

Listen to your inner entrepreneurial voice! If all you want is to have a profitable business, invest R250 for a monthly profit of R250,000!

You will receive specialised information for daring entrepreneurs!

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Snake Farm

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